In this age of promptly changing technologies, your website also needs to be personalized in a different style. Website performance and the downloading speed are a fast growing science. According to a research, a microsecond can make a huge change in the customers’ behavior and the sales conversions. Most of the website owners just assume that they need all the bells and whistles on their site to attract as many customers as possible. But all those special and trendy features are only good as long as the customers don’t have to wait more than 10 seconds for the website to load.

1. Code your website for mobile first

For gaining attraction it is very important that you code your website for mobile first. Make your websites much responsive for the mobile as it is for the desktops. The strategy should be to code for mobile users first and then gradually enhance the experience for tablets and desktops. Doing this will help to reduce the number of unnecessary dependencies.

2. Cache as much as possible

You must have heard this term before too. Caching is basically a process of storing the web pages temporarily in order to reduce the bandwidth and improve the website’s performance. When a guest arrives at your site the cached page will be served up unless it has changed since the last cache. This process is effective in saving the server time and making the process faster. So, make sure that this feature is present on your website.

3. Combine images into sprites

This is really a very different and unique style in which we combine all the commonly used images into a single image file, and it also decreases the number of HTTP requests that are required to download the web page. This special feature is implemented through the proper use of the CSS background image and background position properties.

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4. Compress large pages

If your web page is bulkier than 100KB then it will be very slow to download and the main solution for that is squeezing the page or zipping the file. This technique is called compression. Compressing the pages have many advantages, like it loads very fast and reduces the bandwidth and HTTP response. There are numerous tools for doing so on the internet.

5. Provide valuable content

Content is the key to attracting the customers to your web page. Keep the content updated promptly and use content keeping in view your target audience. For example, if you are selling electronics, provide content accordingly that educates the customers and the visitors on the features, ease of use and specifications. This kind of information enhances your brand, builds trust and makes people want to do business with you.

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