There had been a time when SEO was synonymous with link building. Almost all the old SEO strategies were devised around link building. But, the modern methods of improved rankings do not sport a direct link building rather much more. With websites going social, and Google improving its techniques to boost rankings, a good social media presence is pertinent to improve page rankings.

For long people have dealt with on page optimization, and building a number of links as the only way to improve search engine rankings. That is the main reason why people are finding it increasingly difficult to cope with social media based strategies.

Below five reasons state why social media marketing is an exclusive way to improve your website’s Google ranking.

1. Link Building vs. Social Media

Link building was essentially carried out to bring in more traffic to your website. If links are compared to votes, than you will see that how a large number of links ensure good search engine rankings. You can always manipulate the traffic in this method. In fact, the links could create fake traffic, and this could mean that you don’t really are connected to real visitors on your website. Unlike link building, social media marketing generates real traffic without manipulation.

2. Being Social Generates Traffic

There are numerous social media channels which include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Each channel carries a set number of fans that can help in making your content viral. It is important that you share the content that you have developed on these social media platforms. Add social sharing buttons on your blog, website etc. to allow sharing of your content on social networking sites. Such sharing will generate the necessary audience on your website.

3. Creates Online Presence

The best way to improve your visibility online is to have a robust social media presence. When you share your content or even state something on social media platforms, you are being viewed by a lot of people. Things occur in real time, and it’s the most dynamic platform for sharing and improving page rankings. Being active on social media will guarantee and features an increased traffic on your website.

4. Social Media is Real

Social signals are the new buzz word that marks your website’s online presence. In fact, it is the social signals that determine the website’s Google rankings. Through social signals Google measures the amount of social media presence your website has gained. It checks for social sharing buttons on your website, people visiting your website through social networking sites, and level of activity you display on social networking sites. Social Media Marketing is more real and more effective than link building.

5. Generates Genuine Traffic

Link building never generated real traffic in most cases. On the other hand the social media links bring real and genuine traffic towards your website thus improving your website’s rankings. The people on your social networks and their followers get an insight of this content, and become genuine influencers of your content. Hence social media marketing is a more effective, efficient and genuine way of improved traffic and rankings.