Investing in digital marketing campaigns can be a terrifying decision for many small and medium businesses. Marketing directors know that when you have limited resources, you must be premeditated with your budget and every marketing investment has to pay off. While simply launching a social media campaign won’t bring leads and sales pouring at your doorsteps next day, when you implement a few social media strategies, you’ll find it much easier to drive a positive ROI that benefits your organization for years to come.

1.Reframe your strategy

Many startups and businesses fail at social media because they think it means Facebook or Twitter. Social media is actually much more than that. It has turned out to be a concept. Social media is about engaging with your viewers in a broader way. Traditional media have always been one directional—you place an advertisement, the customer reverts and you have an offline private conversation. Social media is the first time where businesses can interact with their customers in a public online forum. That openness and transparency are exactly what customers crave for.

2.Start small and steady

As you dig into social media, begin with the platforms that can make the biggest difference for you. Usually, this means starting with the three basic platforms that can drive results and interaction: Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Depending on your business model, there may be others; however, if you are just going to start, these are a great set, to begin with.

  • Facebook: Facebook has a high acceptance rate and people of all ages spend their most time on this social media platform. Thus it gives you a great publicity.
  • LinkedIn: While LinkedIn is not like Facebook, it can help with B2B sales, dealer connections, recruiting, and other business needs.
  • YouTube: Although a bigger investment than the others, consumers’ responses to different types of content and YouTube videos tend to pay off in the long term.

3.Don’t be boring

Don’t act boring with your brand, services, mission statement and corporate values. Maybe they represent you as a company, but they don’t represent the human element and personality of your team. Social media is not only about making a community, but also engaging your customers. It’s about deciding strategically what your company’s culture will be and then post interesting content that relates to it. This is about getting outside of your comfort zone and talking about things that interest you as a company, not about your industry, products, and services.

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4.Create a content calendar

Once you have established your social media platforms you will have to create an organised content calendar. Without great content, even the best social media strategy is useless. Once the content calendar has been created, use different tools to schedule your posts in advance. Make sure your calendar reflects your plans and goals. If the purpose of your Facebook account is to drive traffic to your site, make sure to generate an engaging call to action with a direct link to your website. Share, share, share!! This is a part of generating leads to success! Depends on the platform.

5.Measure your outcomes

We know that results are more than just “likes”. You have to decide how you are going to measure results before you start any social media activity, as well as the exact metrics you’ll use to determine success. Social media is just like any other marketing platform, which means you have to answer some key queries, such as “Why are we doing this?” and “What are we expecting from it?”
Each business will have its own definition of social media success. For one business, a metric like sales or leads is very important. Other businesses, mainly focus on market share. Decide before you start what’s important to you and the company.

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