We have tend to enter a new era of marketing, nevertheless digital marketing strategy is even now been sidelined as the deprived cousin of conventional planning. But, the subsequent generation of customer experience requires absolutely diverse approach.

Even though, digital is not been unnoticed, still it seems that a lot of brands play the game without knowing the reason that why they are really establishing a strategy in the first place. This lack of examination exposes them to the mistakes that might kill their marketing efforts. There are many mistakes that can take a brand from being commonly liked to commonly revile or the snafus that are extremely hard to come back from.

Following are the marketing mistakes which we tend to make that can kill your brand:

1. Not taking risks:

Merely starting a business is not enough for a company to acquire success, in order to promote the product and enhance the brand the company needs to develop new actions, new approaches and new strategies or anything which can help your product stand out from the masses. A good marketer should never be afraid of accepting any new change because as a marketer you cannot rely on the policy “no change is a good change”. Mobile distraction opens enormous opportunities and as a marketer you need to pick and choose what suits you best and be as innovative as you can by implementing new strategies.

2. No Optimization of content:

The finest way to constrain customer’s interest is to generate a content which fits for all, in spite of the viewers and the channel one is using. Content marketing in this social period is a science you must get along with. The sooner, the better. The perfect content adapted for empowered customers must be optimized to fetch you the desired results.

3. Not Mobile Friendly:

Over the past since technology has grown much, there is no efficient digital strategy made without keeping in mind the presence of mobile. Customers nowadays stay connected to their smart phones in order to search and buy. So, if you don’t optimize your existence for mobile and if you don’t become a mobile-friendly brand, then your existence is not felt any way.

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4. Underestimating social media:

Nowadays social media is considered to be that platform that can help you to connect with thousands of people at one time. Doing the social media in a correct way is the best promise to win your customers’ trust and fix a substandard customer experience. In order to reach social success the rules to it are very simple: follow the run, connect with followers and be real.

5. Underestimating analysis and study:

A frequent mistake that you tend to do is that you think that analyzing is just one time to do and by no means, you should not take the results as stamped in granite. Digital Marketing is an issue of analyzing and studying on an ongoing basis, starting from the scratch. Reliability evolves with technology and so your strategy.